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Flash Web Graphics Designing in Delhi | Web Site Design and SEO Expert Services in Delhi.

Flash Graphics Expert Delhi | Web Design & SEO Expert Delhi.

Flash is an animation technology based on vector graphics. Vector graphics are special type of computer graphics which are represented in form of mathematical vector curves and lines instead of bitmaps, as in the case of other graphics formats. Flash is the nick name for MAGIC on the web. However, SEO Experts rarely recommend it's usage on a website. Want to know why? Scroll Down!!

The Flash made web elements are highly compressed and consume low bandwidth generally. Flash can work independent of the browser you are using but you may need some plugins or add-ons to view the flash elements on a web page.

With flash an expert can create wonders on a website because it provides a vast scope of functionality in the form of motion tweened animations, dynamic animated effects for text and images, sound mixing, button roll-overs, picture slide show, photo albums and a lot more.

» Flash and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Various SEO experts believe that flash is not good for a website and on the other hand graphics designers love Flash and recommend it. Like every technology Flash has it's merits and not-so advantageous side too.

SEO experts are correct when they avoid using Flash on their websites because even the smartest of search engines have had problems indexing the content made in Flash. However, efforts are in continous progress to make it a possibility that search engines can index flash based content. Flash experts love it because it adds magic to a website. You have the freedom of thought and creativity and Flash just makes it happen.

For more information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), What is SEO?

Other than Flash Animation Services, Team eRACHNIDA also excels in Logo Designing, Web Development & Web Design, Expert SEO Services, Content Writing Services and Data Processing.

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