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LESSON TWO .:: Choosing The Right Keywords - How to Choose the Keywords ::.

Just as I said, " the action begins now! ", so you have to be even more attentive and read the entire lesson with maximum concentration. To become a good Search Engine Marketer or Optimizer you have to be good at identifying your keywords. The keywords you choose decide your website's destiny as a success or a failure.

'Keywords or Search Terms' are the words that internet users will type to search for you or your services. So you have to be very careful while opting for keywords that you feel are relevant to you.

Now a question that strikes you suddenly is, where do you find the keywords? or where do these keywords come from?

Well the answer is simple... Search Engines give us the keywords. Many search engines keep a database of keywords searched by people and some search engines make this data available for FREE. One such resource is the Keyword Selector Tool by Overture. You can access this tool by Clicking Here. The image below shows a screenshot of the Overture keyword selector tool.

Overture keyword suggestion tool screenshot at eRACHNIDA.com

Now let's say you intend to build a website that provides information on Delhi, so lets type the word "delhi" in the text field provided at the overture keyword suggestion tool and then press Enter or click the forward arrow button next to the text field.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool Delhi Search Image

The tool returns all searches done in the previous month containing the word "delhi" in tabular form with the number of times a particular keyword has been searched in that month. These statistics are provided by Overture for the searches done on Yahoo!. To get an estimate of the number of times these keywords have been searched on Google you can simply double the count for a keyword.

The most searched keyword in the table is "delhi", followed by delhi hotel, new delhi india and so on. But these keywords already have an aweful lot of competition.

Note: Competition in SEO terms pertains to the number of websites competing for that keyword. This number is generally indicated by the number of Search Results found by the search engine for that particular keyword. Now open Google.com in your web browser and search delhi.

google competition for delhi

You see? I was right !! there are over 44 million websites competing for this keyword and to beat this much of competition would take months or even years. So we should try other keywords found by the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool. Now search for the keyword delhi university in Google.

number of competing websites for delhi university

Important: This is the keyword we were looking for. The keyword delhi university has a count of 2458 and over a 4 million websites competing. These are not bad stats at all. Over 2000 searches on overture means over a 5000 searches on google for the same keyword.

Now taking delhi university as your Main Keyword; search for delhi university in the Overture's Keyword suggestion tool.

delhi university keyword count

You may now follow the same methodolgy to obtain your secondary keywords. Secondary keywords are those keywords which are next important to your main keyword. They may be a derivative of your main keyword and sometimes a combination of keyowrds that are related to your main keyword.

Important: However, it is advised that you only opt for 2 or 3 secondary keywords and 1 main keyword because a newly built website may show good results only if optimized for minimal selected keywords. You can go for more keywords after your website has been doing well on search engines for sometime.

So far you've learnt:

  • How to extract popular keywords.
  • How to choose amongst them the most suitable keywords for your purpose.
  • What a Main or Primary Keyword means.
  • What are Secondary keywords.

In the next lesson I'll tell you how to analyze your Chosen Keywords and how to know whether the keywords you chose are going to prove successful or not.

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>> Next SEO Lesson >> Analyzing your Keywords and Competition >>

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