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LESSON THREE .:: Analyzing your Keywords and Competition ::.

Now that you're done choosing your keywords, start analyzing them (period)... alright alright... stop raching your head, I'll teach you how to analyze your keywords and how to evaluate the competition your competitors give you. You don't need to bother so much when you learn SEO right from the root level of basics because this eliminates all chances of errors and mistakes.

I am telling it again," NEVER LET ANY MISTAKES HAPPEN " !! Now, so much for the lecture; lets begin with the action.

Before proceeding on to the next step, you'll need to download and install the "Google Toolbar". You can DOWNLOAD the Google Toolbar from here:


The google toolbar appears just below the address bar of your browser. In addition to many search options google toolbar gives you other features like Gmail status, security warnings and a lot more. But the most important feature of the google toolbar is the PageRank indication.

google toolbar pagerank indicator

What is PageRank?
PageRank is a grading scale used by google to assign the degree of relevance or importance to a webpage. The more the PageRank a page has the better it is in terms of Google. This degree or grade is alloted by Google's algorithm and is free from manual control however, if the factors on which the google page rank depends are known then you can make considerable changes to your website and earn a good PageRank or PR value. For now I'll leave PR to the lessons yet to come.

In the previous step we opted for our main keyword to be "delhi university". Now open Google.com and type delhi university and the results will appear. Open atleast top 4 or 5 results and observe their page ranks or PR values.

google search results for delhi university

The top most result www.du.ac.in has a PR 7, this can be known by placing your mouse cursor over the PageRank indicator on the Google Toolbar. Now start analyzing the webpage. Look whether the keyword "delhi university" is present on the webpage or not. In our case its not. How lucky we are !! Similarly open the 3rd result www.delhiuniversity.com and analyze the page for your the keyword "delhi university ".

Why I am asking you to do this is because Google or any other major search engine evaluates the rank of a web page with presence of a keyword higher than that of not having any occurence of the keyword. Although it's not advisable to start with a keyword which has the competitors with PR 6 or more but in our case our top-most competitor's home page www.du.ac.in is lacking what needs to outbeat others; the keyword oriented content. Also our next competitor www.delhiuniversity.com is lacking such text content.

Now, open the source of this webpage. This can be done by pressing Ctrl+U if you use Mozilla Firefox or by pressing Alt+V+C in case of Internet Explorer.

Check the matter between the <head></head> tags. The matter inside the Head tags contains <TITLE></TITLE> tag and the <META> tags. In our case, our top 3 competitors have missing such tags except for the Title's which have our main keyword. Also search for keywords in the <IMG> tags in its alt or ALT attribute. ALT is used to give alternate text that appears in case the image does not load.

Now if you can do things a little better than them, I can assure that you'll definitely beat them.

Elements to Search for on your competitor's webpage:

  • Title Tag : See if the keywords are present in the Title.
  • META Tags : These tags hold information about the webpage like description, category, classification, keywords, author, directions for robots or spiders etc..
  • ALT in IMG tags : See if the alternate text being used for images contains the keywords.

This much of detective work should be sufficient for you to analyze and assess your keywords. By the way have you chosen your Secondary keywords? See i knew.. you haven't !! SEO cannot hear your excuses... can it? In case you already have chosen your Secondary Keywords then you can pat your back for me because I am inside your computer teaching you SEO and can't possibly come out and do it.

For those who didn't choose their secondary keywords I have already done it. Our secondary keywords would be "Delhi University Courses", "Delhi University Colleges" and "Delhi University Results". I followed the same methodology to analyze the competition for these keywords.

What to do with your keywords? I'll be teaching this in the subsequent lesson. So far you've learnt:

  • How to analyze your keywords and your competitors.
  • Evauluate your keywords and assess your competitors
  • Finding a few weak points (not all) in competing websites.

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