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LESSON FIVE .:: Keyword Usage and On-Page Optimization Techniques::.

So, learning keywords usage was easy. But reading the lesson alone won't help. You shall have to practice how to implement what you learn. We also learnt the basics of onpage optimization of a webpage by writing quality meta tags and titles.

For ranking good on search engines other than just good head tags you need to have good content to offer to your visitors. SEO is the game of honesty. Cheating a search engine by copying someone else's content would never and you realize it when Google or any other search engines start kicking your pages out of their search engines.

You can always get your web content written from freelance content writers or by Content Writing Experts at eRACHNIDA.

Tips for Writing Web Content

Write original content or else be ready to get kicked out of Google's index. Writing original content gives you the edge above your competitors and do a justice to all your investment by writing a great piece of Web Content.

After knowing the art of spreading you main keywords through out the page you should lay your hands on writing the content. But one important factor that you should take into consideration is "How many times a keyword should appear in your text". The amount of repetition of keywords would determine the keyword density of that text. Low keyword density would mislead Google that your page is not a relevant result and too high a keyword density would get your website penalized for Keyword Spamming!!

Check Keyword Density- Keyword Density Checker Tool

Click Hereto check Keyword Density of your Webpage.

In any case your keyword density should not be more than 10% and less than 3% because too high or too low keyword density would result to same thing... NO OUTPUT. Ideally you should have your keyword appear 2 to 10 times for every 150 words of content. Remember stuffing keywords is not your motive, your motive is to write naturally and put in the keyword where it should appear naturally or should look natural.

You'll realize that it's not an easy task and you might need to consult an SEO Content Writer for this purpose.

Onpage Optimization - An essential part of SEO

Optimizing your webpage so that it becomes for Search Engine friendly; this helps search engine crawlers find it easy to make out what your webpage is about. However, onpage optimization is something which should also be not overdone or it'll ruin the readability of the page.

You need to keep following factors in mind:-

  • Page Title: Should be written so that it covers all your major keywords with minimum keyword spamming.
  • Meta Tags: Rules for writing a Title apply to Meta tags also.
  • Alt Tags: Don't forget to put your keywords as alt tags for images on your webpage.
  • Bolding, Underlining and Italicizing: Applying these font styles on your keywords will help a search engine crawler recognize your main keywords without confusion with other less relevant keywords.
  • Keyword Positioning: Remember to keep an even balance in occurence and position of your keywords. A few times in the beginning, a few times in the middle and once or twice at the end of the webpage. That's all you need to do.
  • Keyword Density: We have already learnt how to create pages with sound keyword density.
  • Navigation and Linking Structure: The navigation on your webpage should be good and that is only possible if you have a good linking structure. Let's discuss this in detail.

Linking Structure helps crawlers index your pages better

Search Engine spiders use the navigation and other links to reach all the pages on your website. The links present on your home page get indexed sooner because your home page is the gateway to rest of the site.

Putting up a sitemap with normal text links to all the pages of your website would do just fine to provide enough links for the spiders to crawl. Putting links effectively on your pages does surely help your website's ranking as more pages will get index and chances of your pages appearing on search engines also increase.

It is also important that you don't do anything which blocks the proper crawling of your page. e.g. Avoid using a Dynamic Menu or Javascript Generated Menu. By doing this you're putting your website's future at risk because spiders won't be able to crawl the inner pages of the website.

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